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You may remember reading news stories over a year ago about a woman who needed life-saving tuberculosis treatment. We have a happy update: She’s cured!

Many of us know why we celebrate Juneteenth. But do you know the grandmother of Juneteenth—Ms. Opal Lee?
If you quit using tobacco today, you can immediately improve your health and extend your life.
Climate, political, social anxiety, and the differences in people’s lived experience all contribute to the challenge of addressing mental health. Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC)

You smell spring in the air. Maybe, you’ve put on sunglasses and are spending time outdoors. Summertime is almost here!

You may have heard about an increase across the nation in invasive serogroup Y meningococcal disease. It is a serious infection that requires medical attention.

News Releases

We lifted the advisory for people to keep out of the water at Tacoma’s Jack Hyde Beach.

Don’t swim or wade at Jack Hyde Beach in Tacoma. Don’t swim or wade at Jack Hyde Beach in Tacoma.

People and pets should avoid areas of the lake with visible algae.