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Can’t get vaccinated? Here’s another option to help protect you from COVID-19.

Are you unable to get a COVID-19 vaccine because of medical reasons? A new drug brings hope, and we’re working to ensure this medication is easy to access for all who need it.

In December 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Evusheld, a medication that can prevent COVID-19.

Another layer of protection.

The pandemic has been hard on all of us, especially those most vulnerable. While the vaccines have been widely available for more than a year, those who can’t mount a strong enough immune response to the vaccine have been left with less protection. Evusheld can help change that.

The medication is more than 80% effective at preventing symptoms from COVID-19 infection. It offers protection for up to 6 months. For it to be most effective, you must receive Evusheld before you are exposed to COVID-19.

To qualify, you must be 12 years or older, weigh at least 88 pounds and:

  • Be moderately to severely immunocompromised, or
  • Have a history of severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines, or
  • Be unable to get COVID-19 vaccine because of your medical history.

If this sounds like you, talk to your healthcare provider about getting Evusheld today!

Improving access.

For everyone in Pierce County to have the best protection possible from COVID-19, we need to make sure everyone who is eligible has equal access to this potentially life-saving medication.

That’s why we’re working to ensure Evusheld is easy to get throughout Pierce County, so anyone who needs it can find a dose. Several providers have doses available now.

If you don’t have a healthcare provider or insurance to help you pay for a medical appointment, that’s OK. We can help! Call (360) 688-7044.

Continue healthy practices.

No prevention method is 100% effective, but this medication brings more hope. As we learn to live with COVID-19, we must continue to follow the best public health practices:

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