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Don’t overlook your mental health. It’s as important as physical health.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 90. One aspect of your health needs daily, weekly and monthly check-ins. 

Your mental health. 

Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. It often determines our social and physical well-being. Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness. For minority populations, these rates are even higher. 

  • Indigenous people are 2.5 times more likely to experience psychological distress in a given month. 
  • Transgender people are nearly 4 times more likely than cisgender people to experience mental health challenges. 
  • Hispanic adults reported symptoms of depression 59% more frequently than non-Hispanic white adults. 

We need to take time during National Public Health Week to talk about mental health. When we talk, we break the stigmas that stop people from asking for services or support.

Many people struggle with mental health in silence due to stigma. We want everyone to live their best possible lives.

Help matters. 

The best way to help a mental health challenge is to reach out for help. Seek treatment, connect with others and join support groups. Find ways to connect with mental health services on our website

Small, individual steps can also go a long way:

  • Eat healthy. 
  • Get exercise. 
  • Get rest. 
  • Practice mindfulness. 

Are you struggling with mental health in Pierce County? Find help on our website or reach out to United Way’s 211, the Crisis Lifeline at 988, the Crisis Text Line at 741741 or 911.  

Mental Health for National Public Health Week.