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Essential travel and Pierce Transit

Pierce Transit has increased efforts to keep you safe while you make essential trips during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pierce Transit has always cleaned and disinfected its vehicles at the end of each day. Staff are now cleaning buses every time they pull into a transit center, with a focus on high touch areas like handrails and grab bars.

Pierce Transit staff are now cleaning bathrooms at the Tacoma Dome and Commerce Street stations twice a day and disinfecting four times a day. 

Drivers and other transit workers have PPE kits with face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Pierce Transit has also increased cleanings of its headquarters to make sure workers are all healthy and safe.

Social distancing in transit

Please continue to follow social distancing measures while using transit services. Pierce Transit has marked off some seats in order to keep people separated while in transit. We recommend leaving one row between you and the next person on a vehicle. The front rows of buses may be marked off to everyone but those with mobility needs to keep your driver safe.

Only 15 people will be seated on each bus. Once the bus has seated 15, the driver will have to continue until passengers deboard before picking up more people. Pierce Transit has added a few buses to some routes to make sure no one misses their ride.

The front of a Pierce Transit bus. An electronic sign at the top says "Essential trips only. Stay home - save lives."

To keep drivers safe, Pierce Transit asks riders to enter the bus from the back door. They have temporarily suspended fares to reduce contact with drivers.

Stay at least six feet away from other people at stops when waiting for your ride. Remember to cover any coughs and sneezes with your elbow.

Limit your trips to essential travel only—like trips  to the grocery store, pharmacy, or hospital. Reducing your trips to essential travel only will help keep yourself and essential workers safe.

Many essential workers continue to rely on Pierce Transit to get to work. Try to reduce the number of trips you take to keep everyone safe. If you usually shop for groceries every other day, try to go only once a week. 

Stay informed

We encourage you to sign up for route-by-route text alerts by visiting the Stay Connected page on Pierce Transit’s site. Enter your wireless number and select the routes you ride. You will receive a text message if your route is impacted due to this event. 

Transit is an essential service. Our residents rely on these services to get to critical locations. We need your help to keep everyone safe while riding. Always practice good social distancing, wash your hands frequently and stay home if you’re sick. We will get through this together.