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Extreme weather affects us all. Especially our unhoused community.

You’ve seen a lot of hot temperatures and smoky air this summer. And as fall approaches, cold weather is coming soon. 

Extreme weather affects all of us but is especially dangerous for our most vulnerable and unhoused community members. 

We recently partnered with St. Vincent De Paul of Tacoma-Pierce to expand services to help unhoused community members during weather events like:

  • Extreme heat. 
  • Extreme cold. 
  • Wildfire smoke. 

In early August, St. Vincent De Paul distributed more than 100 hot weather kits. These include sunscreen, water, hygiene items and N-95 masks to protect against smoke.

Now, as the weather shifts, they will create cold weather kits with blankets, gloves, and other items.  You can find these kits for free at the new Community Resource Center (CRC). You can also find food, clothing, and a place to relax at the CRC.

This partnership is just one of the many ways we hope to ease the homelessness crisis.

New factors, more help

More people in Pierce County are experiencing homelessness. At the same time, climate change can increase the frequency and severity of weather events people living without permanent housing face. This means community members are vulnerable more often. 

Our Social, Economic and Environmental Conditions for Health program works to address underlying conditions that affect community health and the policies, systems and environments that shape them. We selected St. Vincent De Paul to grow services to the unhoused community partly because they have already established deep rooted relationships with unhoused community members and other organizations to work with the unhoused. 

Find help

The CRC is open for drop-ins four days a week. Outreach workers can schedule a supply pickup any day of the week.

To access resources from St. Vincent De Paul, contact Dionne Jacobson,, or drop into the CRC on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at 4009 S 56th St, Tacoma, WA 98409.

To learn more about the Inclement Weather Response Pilot Program or the Social, Economic and Environmental Conditions for Health program, contact Isiah Cocroft and Adam Reichenberger.