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Free immunizations protect your child from dangerous diseases.

August heat is here, but fall is coming. That means it’s almost time to go back to school. And THAT means it’s a great time to make sure kids are up to date on their vaccines. 

Immunizations are free in Washington and protect children from dangerous diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many young kids fell behind on their regular vaccinations.

So please, take a moment to make sure your kids are protected! It’s as simple as check, locate, go.  

Step 1: Check.

You can check your child’s vaccine status several ways: 

  • Consult with their healthcare provider. 
  • Review records at
  • Call Mary Bridge Mobile Immunization Clinic at (253) 403-1767.

Not sure which vaccines they need? View recommended vaccines for children:

Step 2: Locate. 

Not sure where to find vaccine near you? Take your pick: 

Step 3: Go.

To make the most of your vaccine visit, arrive a few minutes before your appointment. If you can, bring: 

  • Vaccine records for your children. 
  • ID and insurance cards for you and your kids.
    • Note: ID and insurance are NOT required.

Together, we can raise Pierce County’s vaccination rates. If you need more support or guidance or are interested in offering direct services, contact us:  

Back-to-School checklist including immunizations