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From vacation to vaccination, we have your summer safety tips.

The last school bell has rung for the 2020-2021 school year and kids and parents are breathing a sigh of relief. 

This school year was challenging for many people–kids navigated new COVID-19 guidelines to keep them safe like wearing face coverings and staying 6 feet away from friends, and parents took on extra childcare duties and were even more diligent about their children’s health.

Everyone deserves a little recreation, and thanks to COVID-19 vaccinations, summer 2021 is going to look a whole lot different than summer 2020.

So, with the long summer days, keep these tips in mind when you plan your fun: 

Childcare remained essential throughout the pandemic. Early on, Washington State Department of Health issued guidance for child care, youth development and day camps to help these services operate safely. You’ll see changes to allow more activities and make operations flow smoother. Space camp and science camp are back on!

Overnight camp in the woods? Marshmallows by the fire? Yes, please! This year enjoy overnight group summer camps. With a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination, your child can catch up with old friends back at their favorite camp.

Even if your kids aren’t going away to camp, encourage them to get together with children their own age. After a year of limited social interaction, kids need a lot of play time. That’s often how they express emotion and get exercise.

Several kids swimming.

Ready. Set. Splash!

Need to cool off? Spray pads around the county are reopening. Make sure to check websites for any special instructions and do your best to stay 6 feet away from people not from your household.

Water can be a lot of fun, but injuries and drownings do happen. Kids can disappear under water in the blink of an eye. They can lose consciousness in the time it takes to answer your phone. Be sure to watch them closely at the pool or beach! Every day in the U.S., 2 children under age 14 drown.

Learn more about how swimmers can stay safe. Get information to protect yourself and your family.

Good-bye, couch! Hello, tennis shoes.

Need a recipe for a grand-slam summer? Move your body however you are able. You have plenty of places to find inspiration.

Both professional and amateur sports are back in full swing this summer. Break out your cleats and dust off your batting helmet. Not a player but more of a fan? Attend a game with your family. If you and your neighbors are fully vaccinated , i enjoy the game together.

We are excited to see Pierce County fully reopen. We want our residents and guests to have fun and  remain safe and healthy. So, remember get vaccinated when you are eligible! Vaccine is one of your greatest defenses against COVID-19. Get your shot to help protect you and those around you. Find your vaccine at and remember to: