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Help decide how to spend $100,000 on cultural programming in South and East Tacoma.

Listen up, everyone in East and South Tacoma! Starting today, you can help decide how to spend $100,000 on cultural programming. The money will help bring arts, culture, heritage and science projects to your neighborhood.

Anyone who lives, works, goes to school, or has a child who goes to school in East Tacoma or South Tacoma can vote. Voting is for all ages! 

Now through May 13, you get to vote on three unique community-driven projects brought to you by a partnership with our Public Health Centers for Excellence and the City of Tacoma.

How does it work?

The money comes from Tacoma Creates, a voter approved initiative to expand equitable access to arts, culture, heritage, and science.

The projects support community health and wellbeing. They also create spaces for cultural reflection, expression, and collective healing. With COVID-19 continuing to affect our lives, this is more important than ever.

The process is called participatory planning and budgeting, which essentially gives voters the power to decide how to spend public money. A community-led group also chose these specific projects before the pandemic.

Why South and East Tacoma?

These two neighborhoods are part of the Health Department’s Communities of Focus, places we’ve identified that benefit the most from improved health equity.

Our focus is on people in zip codes 98404 or 98409.

Folks in East and South Tacoma communities submitted over 3,000 ideas! Then, we worked with community groups in your neighborhood to turn those ideas into 3 proposals per neighborhood.

Now, you get to decide which proposal gets funded.

How do you vote?

If you live, work, go to school, or have kids who go to school in East or South Tacoma you can vote online starting today through May 13. 

You can also look for voting boxes in your community. East and South Tacoma each have about 50 places with boxes to cast your vote. Look for a voting kiosk in places like community centers, business districts, libraries, schools and other public places.  

Spread the word! 

Help us engage more people in the process.

  • Share this blog with your friends!
  • Share our social media posts!
  • If you host or attend an event, we’d be happy to send you flyers in several languages.
  • We can also bring a voting box to your organization or business. Contact Liesl Santkuyl at
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