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Honor all your family this Day of the Dead.

This Dia de los Muertos, honor your living relatives, too. Help keep them healthy and safe from COVID-19.

We celebrate Dia de los Muertos with our neighbors who honor their family and friends no longer with us.

Celebrate safely and know the risks. You and your family can enjoy the holiday and reduce your chances of getting sick if you avoid riskier activities.

Lower risk activities.

  • Prepare food to share with loved ones with people in your household. Try to deliver it to people at higher risk of severe illness without making direct contact.
  • Play music your loved ones enjoyed while alive.
  • Create an altar for your deceased loved ones.
  • Decorate your masks.
  • Join with loved ones online instead of in person.
  • Set out pillows and blankets in your home for your loved ones’ spirits.

Medium risk activities.

  • Visit the graves of loved ones with others from your house. Avoid large groups, wear a face mask, and maintain a Safe Six feet of space.
  • Have a small parade outside. Be sure to keep household groups six feet apart.
  • Have a small dinner gathering with local family and friends. Stay outdoors and practice physical distancing.

Higher risk activities.

  • Avoid large, indoor gatherings with singing or praying.
  • Avoid gatherings with people from other geographic regions.

Many of us in Pierce County will honor loved ones for the first time this year after their deaths from COVID-19. Communities of color, such as Latinx, continue to experience disproportionate rates of this disease.

Hispanic people make up 11% of the county population but account for 22% of all COVID-19 cases. We continue to care for all communities in Pierce County and concentrate efforts and resources on communities with opportunity for health improvement. Visit our Health Equity page to learn more.

As you provide offerings and welcome the spirits of loved ones back into your lives, be sure to care for the living as well.

Learn more about how to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19 at



Dia de los Muertos statue of a skeleton playing a guitar (1)