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IKEA donates supplies to Pierce County shelters

IKEA donated a truck full of supplies Monday, April 27 to Pierce County homeless shelters. Shelters are a community in great need. 

The donation was part of IKEA’s $1.6 million effort to help people affected by COVID-19.

Washington is one of 9 states to receive help from IKEA. The furniture chain worked with the Health Department and Pierce County Human Services to identify items to donate.

COVID-19 has created unique challenges for people who live homeless. 

Unsheltered people often live close together. They don’t always have resources to practice social distancing. They can’t always wash their hands regularly.

Homeless shelter providers set up new services to meet these needs. They added expansion shelters, handwashing stations, and temporary showers.

These providers need more blankets, towels and washcloths to meet the needs of their clients. The Health Department shared that need with IKEA.

IKEA’s semitruck full of supplies arrived Monday afternoon at Life Center Tacoma. 

Ben Harris, Tacoma Pierce County Chaplaincy, coordinated 25 volunteers from the Eagle Scouts, Life Center and other churches to help unload and sort donations.

The Pierce County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) provided personal protective equipment to the volunteers. The EOC also helped volunteers maintain social distancing.

Thank you, IKEA, for your generosity. Thank you, Life Center, for the use of your facility. 

A stack of yellow towels

Thank you, volunteers. Everyone involved has helped the community.

Melissa Moss of Catholic Community Services summed up the reaction of the homeless service providers: “Our guests will be so happy to have a brand-new towel and blankets,” she said. 

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