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It’s National Public Health Week! Partner with us to make Pierce County healthier.

Fun fact about you: You’re public health!

So am I, of course. And so is your grocer, your mechanic, your doctor, and the staff at your favorite restaurant.

In fact, we’re all public health! Every time you get a flu shot, talk to your kids about substance use, maintain your septic system or turn your car off instead of idling, you protect our community.

This week, we celebrate National Public Health Week. The theme is “Protect, Connect and Thrive: We Are All Public Health.”

It’s an important reminder it takes each of us—every person, family, community, business, and leader—to protect and improve the health of all people and places in Pierce County.

Partnerships enhance our work.

On any given day, our staff is working to ensure everything from safe food in restaurants to environmentally friendly businesses to healthy Black infants.

Partnerships are among the best ways to bring about meaningful change in the community. That’s why we prioritize working with people who live, work, and play here.

We take a partnership approach in all our daily work. Take our food inspectors, for instance. They look at each inspection as a chance to help businesses safely serve you food. Often, that means the best approach is to educate food workers. They encourage food establishment staff to ask questions so they can explain food safety practices in ways that meet the needs of food service workers.

Partnerships ensure our work stays focused on what matters: Your health.

Strategies that put community first.

Partnerships also play a central role in many of our big-picture strategies. For example:

When our strategies center community leadership in decision-making, we foster full and equitable participation and leverage your expertise.

Reflecting on how we protect and improve your health.

All told, we have more than 60 programs working to improve public health!

National Public Health Week is a great time to look more closely at the work we do for you and your family. Join us on social media all week as we look at a different theme day:

  • Monday: Civic Engagement.
  • Tuesday: Healthy Neighborhoods.
  • Wednesday: Climate Change.
  • Thursday: New Tools and Innovations.
  • Friday: Reproductive and Sexual Health.
  • Saturday: Emergency Preparedness.
  • Sunday: Future of Public Health.

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