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More people can now get their FREE vaccination, and they can find many paths to do so

When COVID-19 vaccination began in December, we focused on the groups we knew were most at-risk from the virus. Many people who received vaccines during that time did so where they worked or lived.

We’re now about three months into the rollout and have many more paths to vaccination. Supplies of vaccine have increased dramatically. Many more groups of people are eligible, and we have many more ways to vaccinate them. COVID vaccines are always FREE no matter the location.

If you’re eligible now or will be soon, you can choose the path that works best for you.

New groups became eligible TODAY.

Last week, Gov. Jay Inslee announced people in Phase 1B Tier 2 would be eligible for vaccination March 17. That means many more groups can now get a vaccine:

  • Grocery stores workers.
  • Public transit employees.
  • Law enforcement and firefighters.
  • Corrections, prison, jail, and detention center officers.
  • Social workers who respond to public health and safety concerns.
  • Food processing workers.
  • Staff and volunteers who work at homeless and domestic violence shelters. 
  • People 16 years or older who are pregnant or have a disability that puts them at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness. (Only Pfizer is approved for those under 18).

Find your phase on the PhaseFinder tool. If you’re in one of those groups, you might be surprised to learn all the places you can now receive vaccine!

Pharmacies across Pierce County offer appointments now, and have received more vaccine in recent weeks. Some people are being vaccinated at an adult family home or long-term care facility. Or you can make an appointment with your healthcare provider.

You can also get vaccinated at one of the large drive-thru vaccine events we support across Pierce County. Communities who suffer most from COVID-19 or who face barriers to vaccination can go to the clinics we support at community gathering places across the county.

If you’re eligible now, and you need help finding a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, we can help! Our friendly call center representatives are available at (253) 649-1412 7 days a week, from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. They can also help those who need language interpreters.

Coming soon: More reasons to hope, and more ways to get vaccinated.

If it’s not your turn now, it will be soon. We’re working with our local, state and federal partners to make it as easy as possible for you to get vaccinated.

In the near future, that might be able to get a vaccine:

  • Where you work.
  • In your union hall.
  • At your community center.
  • Anywhere your group gathers. 

We will continue to look at the data to see where we may be falling behind and work to close access gaps. We will also keep making improvements to make sure everyone who is eligible has a fair chance to get their vaccine.

Visit our COVID-19 vaccine information page to find providers who may have vaccine, as well as upcoming drive-thru events.

If you’re not eligible yet, hang in there. Your time is coming. In the meantime, keep doing the things that keep you, your family and your neighbors safe.

We’ll get through this together. Learn more at