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Responding to feedback helps us better serve schools and students

Back to school is a busy time of year for parents, students—and the Health Department!

We ask school districts and schools what they need and provide resources and support to help them meet their goals. We have more than 35 programs and services that benefit schools.

We regularly ask school administrators and staff how we can improve our partnership. Here are some examples of the feedback we’ve received and the ways we’ve adjusted to keep your children healthy.

Improve access to children’s immunizations.

  • Each month, we publish a free children’s immunization calendar. It shows where to go for free immunizations for children from birth to 18 years old.
  • We host and coordinate immunization clinics at schools. Nurses provide immunizations to students during school hours. Immunizations are available to all students—with parent permission—at no cost to parents.

A female teacher helps two girls working at a desk 

Raise awareness of the importance of behavioral health and its impact on student learning.

  • We support school district and community-wide suicide prevention training and initiatives.
  • We hired a behavioral health policy specialist to coordinate behavioral health initiatives throughout Pierce County.

Help prevent students from smoking, vaping or using marijuana.

  • We lead advocacy, legislation and education efforts to inform community and government leaders about the impacts of smoking and vaping on youth.
  • We help schools implement alternatives to suspension for students violating tobacco and substance use policies. These keep students in school and participating in interventions promoting awareness, behavior change and prevention.
  • We developed a Preventing e-Cigarette and Vape Use Toolkit for schools and community groups.
  • We work with community partners though the Pierce County Prevention Collaborative to align youth marijuana use prevention efforts.
  • We developed a Preventing Marijuana Use Toolkit for schools and community groups.

Provide convenient training options and continuing education credits for teachers and school staff.

  • We record some of our trainings and post them on our website for those who can’t attend.
  • We partnered with Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to provide continuing education credits (“clock hours”) for some trainings.

We are honored to work with Pierce County school districts and schools. Our partnership improves the lives of youth—and the future of our communities.