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Right treatment, right time, right place—even in a pandemic.

COVID-19 has changed many things. But now more than ever, people need help finding support and recovery from drug addiction. It’s some of our most important work.

The opioid crisis hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic. Substance use disorder and access to treatment affects some of our most vulnerable people. For example, racial and ethnic minorities already face inequities and obstacles to treatment.

COVID-19 has caused uncertainty and economic distress for many. We may see new people suffering from addiction, or others who relapse.

Access to help is limited because of orders to stay home and social distancing practices. But our Meds First and Treatment Services programs are here for you. We offer treatment for substance use disorder on a drop-in basis in an environment that reflects the need for social distancing.

Get help when you need it. You don’t need an appointment. You will receive treatment the same day. This includes a medical exam and treatment with suboxone or methadone to help you stabilize.

You’ll also get access to other services. We help you navigate your road to recovery—including assistance with insurance, medical appointments, employment, transportation and more. We also help our patients safely and comfortably transition to a primary care doctor or a more traditional suboxone clinic.

On a visit to Treatment Services. You can access:

  • Medication assisted treatment (suboxone or methadone).
  • Individual counseling via telephone.
  • Ongoing care and follow-up.
  • Education.
  • Resources and referrals.

Look for the tents in the north and south parking lots of the Health Department at 3629 South D Street in Tacoma. For Meds First, call (253) 798-3502. For Treatment Services, call (253) 798-6576.

Meds First recently helped its 200th patient since we launched the program last summer. Treatment Services welcomed more than 330 patients in the same period. Together, the two programs care for more than 1,000 patients at any given time.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department building

We’re following public health guidance to do this work during the pandemic.

Our staff wear personal protective equipment and practice social distancing, but no longer transport patients to appointments. We continue to help as much as possible.

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