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Starting today, you can find more vaccination data on our website.

More than 116,000 Pierce County residents have received at least one dose since the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine arrived here on Dec. 16. And more are getting the vaccine every day.

That’s great news! The vaccine is our best hope of moving past the pandemic.

But that number only tells part of the story. You might have other questions, like:

  • Who is getting the vaccine?
  • Are we distributing it fairly?
  • What percentage of our residents has been vaccinated?

You have questions; we have answers! Today, we added new dashboards to our data page.  This information will give you a better idea of our progress vaccinating Pierce County residents.

More data to help you understand our progress.

We started regular reporting of COVID-19 cases a year ago. A lot has happened since then.

You told us you wanted to know more, so we expanded our reporting beyond case counts and the number of deaths. You can now find information on testing, hospitalizations, demographics, and outbreaks in places such as schools, businesses and care facilities.  And we recently added dashboards that show how Pierce County is doing with the state’s Roadmap to Recovery metrics.

As our attention and yours turns increasingly to vaccinations, we’ll expand our reporting again.

Earlier this year, we began reporting basic vaccine data. At the top of the page we included bullet points like total doses and daily average of doses delivered. We recently added a table with the demographics of people who received the vaccine. But those were text heavy and required too much scrolling. 

What you’ll see now.

Starting today, you’ll find dashboards with charts and graphs that will make it easier to find and understand vaccine data. They will also provide more context. In addition to dose numbers, you can learn:

  • How many people are fully vaccinated.
  • How many people are partially vaccinated.
  • What percentage of the Pierce County’s population they represent.

Just as important, you’ll see who is getting vaccinated. Our new demographics dashboard makes it easy to find vaccinations by race and ethnicity, age and gender.

Race and ethnicity data is important. We know poverty, language barriers, lack of access to healthcare and racism cause some groups to suffer more during the pandemic.  We are working to reduce barriers that make it harder for those most at risk to receive vaccines.

Our numbers show there’s more to do. Hispanic residents, for example, suffered one of the highest COVID-19 case rates in Pierce County, but they’ve received one of the lowest rates of vaccinations. You’ll now be able to see if we’re making progress in this area. 

You’ll also find good news. Right now you’ll see that more than 46% of our population above the age of 75 have been vaccinated. And the next most-vaccinated group is people 65-74, nearly 25% of whom we’ve reached.

The whole picture.

Case information still provides one important look at COVID-19 in Pierce County. Our dashboards shows important numbers like 14-day case rates and percentage of positive tests have dropped. The new additions to the dashboards provide a broader picture of our fight against COVID-19 and our efforts to end the pandemic.

We all received a shot of hope this week with news that more vaccine doses are on their way to Pierce County. It’s more important than ever that we mask up, practice safe six, wash our hands and keep gatherings small.

We all can keep case rates going down while more of us get vaccinated. Learn more at

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