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Strong Families and Happy Kids

When the Family Support Partnership reached out to the Moores* last winter, they were a family desperately in need of help. While their most pressing concern was to make ends meet, they knew they needed to tackle other, long-term problems, too.

“We were hurting,” Mr. Moore wrote in a letter to Family Support Worker Darachan Ros. “Our kids were hurting, and we didn’t know how to function separate from the pain,” he said.

The family didn’t know where to turn for help.

A life-changing referral

The Moores’ fortunes took a turn for the better when a MultiCare employee referred them to the Positive Parenting Program. That’s when Family Support Worker Darachan Ros first contacted the family.

“She was immediately able to identify our greatest need,” Mr. Moore said.

Ros went beyond helping the family meet their basic needs. She understood the importance of improving the family’s emotional health as well.

“Ros was able to turn our focus inward to the relationship with our children, and our family as a whole,” Mr. Moore said.

An opportunity to thrive

Research shows that a child’s first 1,000 days are vital to his or her lifelong physical and emotional well-being. A key principle of FSP is all children should have the opportunity to thrive. Like many families, the Moores financial stress took a toll on their children. Mr. Moore credits Triple P with helping his wife and him be better parents.

“The Triple P program allowed us to learn the tools to be great parents, even when we didn’t ‘feel’ like it,” Mr. Moore said.

Through Triple P, the Moores received ongoing home visits. The program helps treat and prevent behavioral and emotional problems in children. It not only focuses on the family environment, but schools and community, too.

“…everyone is happier and healthier because of it.”

Triple P is part of the Health Department’s overall strategy to help children, families and communities thrive. Assessment results in the 2017 Violence Prevention Report show our work with families leads to improved physical and emotional health:

  • 100% of children assessed met developmental milestones.
  • 96% of graduates from the evidence-based program improved their relationship with their children during services.
  • 92% of parents improved their mental health.

The parenting skills the Moores learned through FSP are making a difference in the lives of their children—now and for years to come.

“The kids are more confident and trusting of us, feel more secure, have learned how to express their needs better, and everyone is happier and healthier because of it,” Mr. Moore said.

Learn more about the Family Support Partnership. Contact us at or (253) 798-4608.

*We changed the family’s name in this post to protect their privacy.

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