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Summer will eventually end. But our pool safety work goes 24-7.

UPDATED: 08/18/2022

August is here. School is around the corner. 

But what some may consider our “summer work” is never quite done. 

Did you know we play an important role in keeping Pierce County pools, spas, splashpads and wading pools safe year-round? 

For every public water recreational facility–from popular public parks to hotel and apartment spas–we do our best to make sure you’re safe. Our inspectors test the water to ensure the chemicals are at the right levels to prevent illnesses. But our work goes far beyond checking chemical levels. We also: 

  • Look at fences and barriers, to make sure they’re tall enough to keep kids out. 
  • Check gates and doors around the pool, to make sure they close on their own and re-latch. We don’t want any youngsters falling in! 
  • Look at main drain covers. If we can’t see the main drain cover, you can’t see someone at the bottom of the pool, either. 
  • Check emergency equipment. 
  • Make sure handrails are secure. 
  • Make sure pool equipment works properly. 
  • Inspect pump rooms. 
  • Talk to pool operators about testing schedules and the importance of regular pool maintenance. 

But pool, splashpad and wading pool safety takes more than just us. You help alert us to problems. Spot a loose gate or a broken drain cover? If you see something, say something! 

Report any concerns to our community safety team at or (253) 649-1713.

And remember these tips to make sure you can help prevent water illness:

  • Shower before you use the pool.
  • Don’t swim if you have been sick in the last 2 weeks with vomiting or diarrhea. 
  • Don’t use the pool if you have a communicable disease.
  • Use tight fitting protective coverings over diapers. Change diapers in designated areas.
  • Never allow unsupervised children into the pool area. Children 12 and under must be with an adult.

We work often with our partner Metro Parks Tacoma to make sure all the public pools and splash pads are safe. So, if you’re looking for a summer dip, Metro Parks Tacoma is a great place to start.  

Now get out and enjoy the rest of the summer. Have fun in the water and stay safe! 

  1. UPDATED: 08/18/2022