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The Facts about Food Safety

Thank you to everyone who reported food safety concerns about the Buttered Biscuit Too in Bonney Lake. We sent a food inspector to investigate Oct. 25 based on those concerns. The inspector arrived to find employees deep cleaning. We will monitor their progress and work with the owner to make sure they follow a regular cleaning schedule.

Some of you shared photos showing unclean conditions in a food establishment. We admit the photos were concerning. Under the food code, we must be present in a permitted food establishment to observe and cite a food safety violation. That’s why we follow up on every food safety complaint.

Most food establishments get routine inspections twice a year. We report food safety practices and conditions we find at the time of an inspection. Find inspection reports for Pierce County food establishments for the last two years at

We’re glad people are using social media to bring attention to the importance of food safety. Even more shocking than these photos of unclean conditions are the food sellers who use social media to sell food without a permit. They prepared that food in a kitchen we don’t inspect and promote it to you on Facebook and other social media channels. Hmm. Could be unhealthy:

  • Did they wash their hands with soap?
  • Did they use gloves?
  • Were they sick?
  • Did they keep hot foods at 135°F or above and cold foods at 40°F or below?

Unpermitted food sellers may or may not follow safe food practices. We don’t know—and neither do you. We hope you don’t buy from them. Because they operate under the radar, we don’t have a way to follow up with them and report inspection findings. Learn more about the risks of sketchy food sellers at

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