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The strength of our partnerships is a strength in our community

The work we’re doing together to promote health during the pandemic.


A year ago tomorrow, we reported the first known case of COVID-19 in Pierce County. The past year has challenged our community. It’s also strengthened partnerships we rely on—whether during a pandemic or not—to ensure residents have the best chance to reach their full health potential.

Equity Action Network helps us help the people who need it most.

In April of 2020, we formed the Tacoma-Pierce County Equity Action Network (EAN) to help further this work during these challenging times. The EAN is a collection of more than 80 community partners. They amplify the voices, experiences, and solutions of communities most affected by systemic racism. Together we promote pro-equity policies and steps to address societal inequities.

We contracted with 12 community partners to ensure culturally grounded communications and engagement. Tacoma Refugee Choir produced music videos to encourage steps to stop the spread of COVID-19:

Using community feedback to inform our work.

We collected qualitative data through community listening sessions to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on members of community; and inform our recovery and response efforts from community voices.

“People can’t quarantine because they have to go to work. They have to choose between food and paying bills with staying home sick.” 

—Marshallese community leader

We listened to the community. We tracked disease trends across racial and socioeconomic groups. We learned what barriers prevent access to care. We documented those findings in the Pierce County COVID-19 Health Equity Assessment.

EAN and other community networks helped us identify 10 pro-equity policy areas, detailed in the Policies to Advance Health Equity report and summarized in this infographic. Over the next 6 months, a team of community leaders will help us create local policy strategy to address these priorities.   

Ways we’re working together to reduce barriers to COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Host small, community-run vaccine clinics in communities that face greater transportation, language, and technological barriers.
  • Ask EAN partners to help promote vaccine events geared towards disproportionately affected communities.
  • Use phone registration for community members without access to online services.
  • Listen to and act on your feedback.

We’re better together.

Each day, thousands more people in Pierce County get COVID-19 vaccine. This is so great to see and helps get us closer to putting the pandemic behind us. Keep doing the things that keep you and your family safe—now and after you’re vaccinated: 

We’ll get through this together. Learn more at

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