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Thousands of Pierce County residents have already received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccines.

Hope is here.

After nearly a year of working together to fight the pandemic, Pierce County residents began receiving COVID-19 vaccines earlier this month.

We’re working with healthcare providers, pharmacies and others to coordinate access to the limited amount of vaccine the federal government has already sent to Pierce County.

Not everyone can get vaccinated yet. Phase 1A includes vaccinating people at highest risk of transmission and severe illness, as well as protecting the healthcare system’s capacity. These groups include:

  • People who work in healthcare settings at high risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  • First responders who treat patients with COVID-19.
  • Older adults who live in congregate care settings.

In the last week, an average of more than 750 people a day received their first dose. More people will get vaccinated weekly as we receive more vaccine and more sites go online.

So far, we’re happy to report:

  • About 8,000 people who work in Pierce County or reside in a local LTC have received their first dose of vaccine in Pierce County.
  • About 5,000 residents received their first dose—either here or in the county where they work.

Over the weekend, Pierce County Department of Emergency Management and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department staff and volunteers helped to vaccinate about 785 EMS workers and healthcare providers at a special drive-through clinic at the Pierce County annex.

Do you work in healthcare and have questions about offering or getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Learn more about COVID-19 vaccination for providers.

The first exciting steps on a long road.

Many more people will need to be vaccinated before life returns to normal. The goal is to vaccinate enough people to squash COVID-19 once and for all. We’ll provide updates every Wednesday on our case count page. Once enough people are vaccinated, “community immunity” kicks in and outbreaks become far less likely.

We’re still in Phase 1A of the state Department of Health’s rollout. DOH will use guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine the next recipients. We know some groups suffer disproportionately from COVID-19, which is why they will be in early vaccination groups. The goal is for everyone to be able to easily get these safe and effective vaccines as soon as large quantities are available. We’ll let you know when the time comes.

We want to keep our COVID-19 case numbers low in Pierce County. Let’s keep doing the things that will drive those numbers lower:

Thousands of people have already received vaccinations in Pierce County, which is fantastic news. Let’s work together to finish the job and end the pandemic.

Close Up of Medical Provider Administering Injection in Upper Arm (1)