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Unlock the door to a smokefree life. Make a quit plan today!

Do you or someone you know use tobacco? Quitting has many benefits for you and your family.

Tobacco is the top risk factor of preventable death and disease in in the United States. The latest county health rankings show 14 percent of Pierce County adults smoke. The state is at 11 percent. If you quit today, you can immediately improve your health and extend your life.

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. The World Health Organization started this in 1987 to draw attention to the tobacco epidemic and preventable death and diseases it causes.

World No Tobacco Day is the perfect day to start your path toward a smokefree life.

Today is the best day to quit

You have many options to get prepared to quit tobacco. It’s easier when you know what to expect.

You can start by making a plan!

  • Set a quit date within the next 7 days. 
  • Choose a method: gradually or all at once. 
  • Decide if you need help, like:
    • Medications or nicotine replacement therapy. 
    • Counseling.
    • Quit smoking apps. 
    • A healthcare provider. 
    • A support group.
  • Prepare for your quit day with a plan to deal with cravings and urges. 
  • Quit on your quit date.
    • Do not use tobacco. Tobacco-related death and disease is preventable.
    • Stay busy. Try walking, short bursts of exercise, or other activities and hobbies. 
    • Drink lots of water. 
    • If you choose to do so, start using nicotine replacement. 
    • Attend a support group or follow your self-help plan. 

Quitting tobacco offers a new lease on life 

When you quit tobacco, your body thanks you with immediate and long-term health benefits:

  • Your heart rate returns to normal within hours. 
  • Nicotine leaves your bloodstream the next day. 
  • Your risk of heart attack declines the next day. 
  • Carbon monoxide levels in your blood return to normal in 72 hours.
  • Your lung function improves within weeks to months. 
  • You cough less often in weeks to months. 
  • Shortness of breath improves within weeks to months. 
  • Your risk of coronary heart disease decreases in 1-2 years. 
  • Your risk of certain cancers decreases in 5-15 years. 
  • Your lungs fully recover within 20 years. Quit today to begin improving lung function long term.

You can do it!

Tobacco use and nicotine addiction is a growing crisis for teens and adults. You can be one of the millions of people who successfully quit every year.

Make every day NO tobacco day!

Here’s more resources to help: