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Voting is Good for Your Health

At a time when many things might not be safe, do you know one thing that you CAN do? You can vote! Voting is good for your health and your community. Let’s talk more.

People feel a stronger sense of belonging when they get involved in a community. Your community can be a neighborhood, faith group, racial or ethnic group, support group, or any group where you feel like you matter. Getting involved helps you feel socially connected and improves your health.

Pierce County Ballot

Voting is another way to connect to your community. It allows you to voice your opinion about issues important to you. According to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “through civic engagement, such as voting and volunteering, people develop and use knowledge, skills, and voice to cultivate positive change….To improve health and well-being, people need to participate in the democratic process on a local and national level.” 

Civic engagement is one of 4 strategies we use to achieve health equity at the Health Department. It’s especially important to encourage civic engagement in communities with the most barriers to living a long and healthy life. You are the experts in your community. Your voice matters.

It’s easier, safer and more reliable than ever to vote!  

Vote by mail without a stamp or use any drop box in Pierce County. Need to register to vote? The deadline is Oct. 26.  Visit the Piece County’s Auditors office website for help and for resources in other languages.