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We’re always working to bring more vaccine to Pierce County.

COVID-19 vaccination is our pathway to end the pandemic. When more people get vaccinated, we will get closer to community immunity.   

Here in Pierce County, grandparents are hugging their grandchildren again. Vaccinated people who haven’t been together in a year are having dinner together inside. Without distancing. Without masks. The CDC opened up travel for vaccinated people, and many are happily planning summer vacations.   

And starting April 15, everyone 16 and older will be eligible to receive the vaccine.   

Bringing the vaccine to more people.  

We are working hard to expand vaccination opportunities and  to increase our vaccine allocation with the state Department of Health. Just like you, we embrace the hope the vaccine brings and look forward to a return to normal life.    

We welcome with open arms all the COVID-19 vaccine DOH allocates to us, but we’re pushing for more. Once we receive COVID-19 vaccine, we work with all our providers to quickly get it to our residents.   

We allocate this vaccine to healthcare provider sand Pierce County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) for community vaccination events. We distribute it through strategies like drive-thru and walk up clinics, mobile clinics, small community-based clinics, at adult family homes and other locations. We have also launched a vaccination effort to bring the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine to people who face barriers leaving their homes.  

Vaccines we allocate for Health Department and DEM to distribute at community events comprise about 25% of Pierce County’s total allocation. Healthcare providers and pharmacies make up the other 75% of the allocation, which we ensure locally. In addition, federal programs direct to pharmacies or other federal agencies like Department of Defense, ensure additional allocation to our county, which isn’t reflected in our vaccine distribution data. But it’s a significant additional resource contributing to the hope the vaccine carries to end the pandemic.   

When vaccines first became available, appointments for limited doses at our community vaccine events were gone in minutes. Now multiple events give vaccine seekers a choice of vaccine type, locations and days. It now takes hours, even days, to fill all available appointments. We share all available vaccine appointment opportunities we know about at We send daily social media alerts on weekdays to alert people to find appointments on our website.   

On Tuesday, we posted registration links for 8 different vaccination opportunities on our webpage with thousands of doses available. Three days later, some of those events still have open appointments. This is in addition to vaccine supplies distributed to pharmacies and other outlets throughout Pierce County.   

More vaccine opportunities are coming.  

In the weeks ahead, we will launch even more convenient options for COVID-19 vaccinations at fixed locations with appointments becoming available via our website or through community partners: A Hilltop location is currently operating 3 days a week by appointment to support our community-focused approach, engaging our Equity Action Partners impacted more greatly by this disease.  

 We are working on opening a location in Lakewood the week of April 19. It will operate 3 to 5 days a week. .And finally, we are working on a location to serve thousands of people 5 days a week.  

 Sometimes, DOH offers last-minute availability of doses. We accept those unexpected vaccines every time they are offered. We work closely with providers to distribute to offices that can get them out quickly. We take some for community events, like the one we recently held at Shiloh Baptist Church. And we ask our county partners to take more.  

 Vaccines are safe, free and effective. We are accessing all avenues to increase COVID-19 vaccine, and continue to work with our healthcare partners and pharmacies to promote all available appointments on our website at  

 Residents who need help finding vaccine appointments can call our call center 7 days a week, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at (253) 649-1412.  

 Until we reach community immunity, you can help us drive COVID-19 rates down when you:  

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