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What we’re doing to fix registration challenges at vaccine clinics.

This week, we supported three drive-thru vaccination clinics in Pierce County: One in Lakewood on Tuesday, another in Puyallup on Thursday, and one scheduled for Gig Harbor on Saturday. Unfortunately, we experienced significant  issues with the system we used to register people for appointments.

This created a number of problems for people, including:

  • Many people were able to register for the Gig Harbor clinic after appointments were filled.
  • People who registered for the Gig Harbor clinic Saturday received a confirmation email that said the event was Thursday.
  • Some people registered for one clinic but received confirmations for another.
  • Some people didn’t receive confirmation emails.
  • Some people experienced problems with the registration link on our website.
  • People who got vaccinated were told a follow-up email was coming to schedule their second dose, but we need time to send those.

We know you’re upset. We would be upset, too. This last year has been a stressful time for everyone, and vaccines provide hope we will return to normal soon. We’ve all been waiting a long time for a vaccine to arrive, and this frustrating process has made it more difficult.

We’re correcting these problems:

  • We sent everyone who scheduled an appointment in Gig Harbor a new email. Check your inbox and spam folders.
    • If you scheduled while appointments were still available, the time slot you signed up for is correct for Saturday.
    • If you were able to schedule an appointment after all slots were full, we alerted you. More options will be available soon. We know that’s not helpful right now, but we promise: We know you want to get your turn at the vaccine. You will get it.
  • As we confirm vaccine allocations in the coming weeks, we will email registration options for booster clinics for all three clinics.
  • We are replacing our system. We’ll have new a new registration system soon.

Your turn to get vaccinated will come. Unfortunately, we can’t create waitlists for everyone who encountered problems. Vaccine is still limited throughout our county. But we will offer many more options for community clinics in the weeks and months ahead. We expect them to fill up quickly.

You can now subscribe to an email list to receive news about pop-up clinics. Visit and sign up for “COVID-19 community vaccination clinics.” We often announce these clinics on short notice because we don’t know how much vaccine we will receive.

For now, you will need to register with a computer or smartphone. We are working on other solutions, such as phone registration options. Please be patient and keep checking for future clinics. We also share news about vaccine distribution and more via our blogs. Subscribe at

We know you’ve waited a long time for this. And with vaccine supplies limited and a long list of people who want to be vaccinated, we expect there will be more bumps in the road. But we promise to work as hard as we can to provide a smoother process going forward.

Cars are lined up at the Pierce County COVID-19 vaccination site Jan. 28, 2021, in Puyallup, Washington.