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  • Healthy Actions

    Stay away from arsenic and lead in dirt.

    You can ingest arsenic and lead from dirt and dust. Find things you can do to keep your family and pets healthy.

    Prevent children from putting dirty hands and toys in their mouths.

    • Scrub hands well with plenty of soap and water.
    • Wash toys often.
    • Keep toys out of the dirt.
    • Cover bare patches of soil in your yard with ground cover.
    • Provide a sand box for them to play and dig.

    Reduce the dirt and dust inside your home.

    • Take your shoes off at the door.
    • Vacuum and damp dust at least once a week.

    Don’t let pets bring dirt and dust into your home.

    • Wipe your pet’s paws before letting them inside.
    • Brush and bathe your pet often.
    • Give pets their own bed.
    • Fill and cover holes with mulch, gravel or wood chips to discourage digging.

    Gardeners—Reduce exposure when you work in the dirt.

    • Wear shoes and gloves while gardening. Take them off before you go inside.
    • Dust off outside and wash dirt-covered clothes separate from other laundry.
    • Wash your hands well. Use a scrub brush to clean dirt from under your fingernails.
    • Scrub fruits and vegetables with a brush and peel root vegetables.
    • Grow produce in raised beds or containers.
    • Build raised beds with untreated wood, plastic lumber or concrete.

    Get your soil tested.

    Check the Soil Sampling and Results Page to find out if you can have your soil tested for arsenic and lead.