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  • Information for Well Drillers

    Permit and application requirements for Pierce County wells

    You must complete an application and pay a permit fee any time you construct or decommission a drinking water well, irrigation well or public well.

    Any new well being drilled in Pierce County must have a permit. This does not include resource protection wells. Drillers can search for an approved site plan and approval letter.

    Carefully read the letter to determine if you need to meet any other permit conditions. The driller should also confirm the approved well location on the site plans before drilling. The approval letter outlines all outstanding requirements to finalize the well and permit. Please submit all documentation at one time to avoid permit delays.

    Well start notifications

    Drillers must provide notice at least two business days (48-hours) before you start construction or decommission any well. Complete this Well Start Notification form.  

    You will need a permit before you:

    • Advance casing/deepen a well.
    • Install a screen and pull back casing.
    • Add casing to a well that is below grade to bring it above grade
    • Install or alter the surface seal.
    • Replace wells.


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