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  • Permitting Process

    Water approval is the first step to get a permit if you want to develop your property or business.

    If you need Drinking Water approval for a:

    New Septic System

    The requirements depend on your water supply. All water systems must meet public health standards.

    Large Water System Service Area

    Individual well

    • New or existing wells need water approval before septic approval.

    Unapproved water system

    Platting, Binding Site Plan or Boundary Line Adjustment

    You need our approval for new lots or changes to existing boundary lines.

    Food Establishments, Schools, Pools and Camps

    We review and approve new facilities and changes to:

    • Existing menus.
    • Equipment.
    • Designs.
    • Floor plans.

    You need to:

    You can read more about:

    Childcare centers

    Starting a new childcare? Your water must be from an approved public water system.

    Temporary Event

    Advertised public events that serve food must:

    Sell or refinance my property (real estate).

    When you buy or sell a home, know if your water supply is safe, reliable and meets disclosure requirements.


    We review and approve new wells in Pierce County.

    Drill a new individual well (one house).

    Drill a public well (more than one house or business).

    Well start notification.

    Well seal verification form.

    Enhanced storage form.

    Irrigation guidance.


    Planning and Land Services must review all proposed wells for water-right exemption. The Department of Ecology has more resources for you.

    Add additional dwelling unit (ADU) on my property.

    The requirements vary. You can schedule a consultation to discuss your project.

    Develop or expand a public water system.

    If you are starting a new system, you can schedule a consultation. Make sure to read the Group B Water System checklist.

    Get an existing water system approved.

    If you have an existing, unapproved public water system, schedule a consultation. We will help you review the application and requirements. View the Existing Group B Water System checklist.

    Decommission a well.

    You need a licensed well-driller.

    Not able to meet our requirements?

    You can request a variance/waiver. You can schedule a consultation with us talk about it.