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  • News for Owners and Operators

    News, tips and requirements to keep your water system safe and reliable.

    Quarterly newsletters

    Winter 2024

    • Make sure your sample counts!
    • What happens if your well suddenly runs dry?
    • PFAS and Group B wells.
    • Update us when your manager changes.

    Spring 2023

    • Holes in your wellheads?  
    • Is saltwater seeping into your drinking water?
    • Stay well when you keep bacteria out of your water. 
    • Keep drinking water safe for all users.

    Winter 2023

    • Update your water system contact information.
    • Schedule a free Group B system visit.
    • Your permit fees support clean and healthy water.
    • Meet Emily Nehser. Our newest team member.

    Fall 2020

    • Help us reach you during COVID-19.
    • Water sampling still going strong.
    • How our Drinking Water team helped with COVID-19 response.
    • Access our services online.

    Spring 2020

    • COVID-19 frequently asked questions.
    • Update your contact information.
    • Access our services online.
    • Webinar on water wells.
    • Where to collect your bacteria and nitrate samples.

    Winter 2020

    • Water system emergency preparedness workshop.
    • Avoid late charges. Pay your annual invoice.
    • Show off your pumphouse.
    • Submit applications online.
    • Permit fees support clean and healthy water.

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