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  • Key Peninsula Office

    Save a trip across the bridge.

    We share an office with the Key Peninsula Community Council.

    You can get help with:

      • Financial incentives for septic system inspections.
      • Water quality information on bays, streams and drinking water wells.
      • Asthma, air quality, and mold.
      • Health resources and information in Spanish.
      • Triple P Positive Parenting resources.
      • Other Health Department services. 

      Contact us

      Our staff Area of expertise Schedule

      Niels Nicolaisen
      (253) 649-1874

      Septic Onsite & Maintenance  First & Third Tuesday

      Daniel Burdsall
      (253) 999-0526

      Communities of Focus, Community coalition support First Thursday, Fifth Tuesday & Thursday
      Helen Wilke
      (253) 888-9531
      Triple P Parenting Second Tuesday

      Maria Mora
      (253) 720-4912

      Resources for Spanish-speakers Second Thursday
      Josh Hird
      (253) 649-1836
      Drinking Water Third Thursday

      Jackie Busby
      (253) 649-1813

      Air Quality Fourth Tuesday
      Elodia Andres Cornelio
      (253) 649-1017
      Healthy Housing & Lead Prevention Fourth Thursday

      Visit us

      Key Center Corral
      9013 Key Peninsula Hwy N
      Lakebay, WA 98349
      (253) 432-4948

      Health Department Office Hours:
      10 a.m.-Noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays

      Key Peninsula Community Council Office Hours:
      10 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday through Friday