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  • Regulations and Policies

    On-site sewage and wells

    We regulate and enforce installation of septic systems and wells. View applicable county and state regulations that apply to on-site sewage and wells.

    Local Regulations

    State Code

    On-Site Sewage Policy

    On-site sewage policyDateNotes
    Density for Accessory Dwelling Unit GuidanceRevised: Aug. 2018Updated density requirements for lots connected public water.
    Critical Area ComplianceRevised: July 2023Updated policy procedures and contact info.
    Development Activities for Existing Septic SystemsRevised: April 2023Updated to clarify adult family care home, individual well, and locate requirements.
    High Winter Water Table ReviewRevised: Dec. 2022Updated contact info and fee requirements.
    One Compartment Septic TankRevised: Dec. 2024Updated to clarify situations where policy applies.
    Non-Concrete Tank RequirementsEffective Jan. 2024Outlines requirements and procedures for non-concrete tanks in areas with a high-water table.
    Record Drawing GuidanceEffective: June 2023Outlines technical data required for record drawings based on system type
    RSS Deficiencies with ResolutionsRevised: April 2023Updated to meet remodel guidance. 
    Second Terralift PolicyEffective: Aug. 2023Describes the conditions when we will allow a second Terralift.
    Tank Replacement PolicyRevised: Dec. 2024Updated to clarify ATU replacement.

    Individual Well Policies




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