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  • Regulations and Policies

    On-site sewage and wells

    We regulate and enforce installation of septic systems and wells. View applicable county and state regulations that apply to on-site sewage and wells.

    Local Regulations

    State Code

    On-Site Sewage Procedures

    Procedure or guidance document DateNotes
    Additional Fee ProcedureEffective: July 1, 2024Outlines when and what additional fees we require.
    Density for Accessory Dwelling Unit GuidanceRevised: Aug. 2018Updated density requirements for lots connected public water.
    Critical Area ComplianceRevised: June 2024Updated to clarify resubmittal fees for Critical Area sign offs.
    Development Activities for Existing Septic SystemsRevised: April 2024Updated to add scenarios for plumbed accessory structures (garages and shops), clarify water requirements when increasing wastewater flow, and requirements for Adult Family Home and change of use applications.
    Drainfield Stress Test Requirements for RSSEffective: June 2024Describes requirements for stress tests of drainfields for property sale inspections.
    High Winter Water Table ReviewRevised: Dec. 2022Updated contact info and fee requirements.
    One Compartment Septic TankRevised: Dec. 2024Updated to clarify situations where policy applies.
    Non-Concrete Tank RequirementsEffective Jan. 2024Outlines requirements and procedures for non-concrete tanks in areas with a high-water table.
    Record Drawing GuidanceEffective: June 2023Outlines technical data required for record drawings based on system type
    RSS Deficiencies with ResolutionsRevised: April 2023Updated to meet remodel guidance. 
    Second Mechanical Remediation Method GuidanceRevised: June 2024Describes the conditions when we will allow a second mechanical remediation.
    Tank Replacement and Repair RequirementsRevised: June 2024Updated to add section about tank repairs.
    Guidance for Unpermitted Septic ConnectionsEffective: June 2024Describes steps you must take for unpermitted septic connects to obtain an RSS.

    Individual Well Procedures




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