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  • Smoke-Free Housing: Landlord Information

    Go smoke-free and reap the rewards.

    Surveys show as many as 78% of tenants—including smokers—prefer to live in smoke-free housing.

    Going smoke-free reduces operating costs:

    • Apartment turnover costs can be two to seven times greater with smokers.
    • Some insurance companies offer discounts on property insurance for multi-unit owners with a 100% smoke-free policy.
    • Smoking is a leading cause of residential fire and the number one cause of fire deaths in the U.S.
    • Apartments are easier to rent because smoke-free housing is more appealing.

    Join the smoke-free registry.

    Join the Smoke-Free Housing Pierce County Task Force.

    This task force meets quarterly to promote smoke-free housing. They provide support to develop and put in place smoke-free housing policies. Members include:

    • Property owners.
    • Property managers.
    • Property management organizations.

    More information

    Contact Reanna Bettencourt at (253) 649-1894 to:

    • List your property on the smoke-free housing registry.
    • Attend or become a member of the Smoke-Free Housing Pierce County Task Force.
    • Ask questions or get help implementing smoke-free policies.
    • Get no smoking signs

    Landlord resources

    Our Educational Toolkit informs landlords about the benefits of smoke-free housing.

    View our resources and information to make your property smoke-free:

    Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (RCW 59.18)—Describes rights, duties and other legal obligations for landlords and tenants.

    Request smoke-free housing information