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  • Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs

    Healthy children, healthy families

    We help families and providers with children who are at risk for physical, developmental, and chronic behavioral and emotional conditions.

    Who is eligible?

    All children at risk or who have health or developmental challenges, regardless of income.

    Who do we serve?

    • Infants.
    • Children.
    • Youth (up to 18 years of age).

    Our program staff and nurses can help you with:

    • Care coordination.
    • Learning about health and child development.
    • Family support.
    • Resources for child development screening.
    • Insurance.
    • Finding a health care provider.
    • Information and referrals for community-based services.
    • Finding financial help for health-related needs.

    Learn more

    Contact us at or (253) 649-1912.