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  • Power Outages in Your Home

    Plan for an emergency before it happens.

    Power outages at home:

    • Store food carefully to prevent foodborne illness when power outages make refrigeration unavailable.
    • Use food that can spoil rapidly first.
    • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed.
    • Use an ice chest packed with ice or snow to keep food cold.
    • Buy dry ice to save frozen food. Do not handle dry ice with your bare hands.
    • Use blocks or bags of ice in your refrigerator.
    • Use caution if storing food outside during winter to keep it cold.
    • Secure food stored outside to prevent contamination by animals.
    • If in doubt, throw it out. Throw out meat, seafood, dairy products and cooked food that doesn’t feel cold.
    • Never taste suspect food. Even if food looks and smells fine, illness-causing bacteria may be present.


    Contact our Food Safety Program at or (253) 649-1417.