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  • Community of Focus: Key Peninsula

    Help share Key Peninsula’s story.

    You are the experts on your community. What matters to you may make a difference in your community’s health. 

    First people

    Puyallup, Suquamish and Squaxin Island people were the first to live here.

    How has the area changed?

    Families from New England and the Midwest Plains moved here. They started a logging industry.

    Who lives here?

    About 20,000 people live in Key Peninsula zip codes 98394, 98351, 98349 and 98329. This area includes Wauna, Glenclove, Herron Island, Minter, Rocky Bay, Key Center, Vaughn, Home, Lakebay and Longbranch.

    Local leaders

    Many people work to make Key Peninsula a great place. Key Peninsula Community Services, Red Barn Youth Center, Mustard Seed Project, Children’s Home Society, Key Center Library, Key Peninsula Community Council and Key Peninsula Partnership for a Healthy Community are some examples.

    Strengths and assets

    Residents are independent and rely each other. Community resources include 2 local grocery stores, Key Peninsula Civic Center, Key Medical Center and KP School Bus Connects. Key Peninsula News is a trusted newspaper.

    Key Peninsula Partnership for a Healthy Community has found residents care about health and wellness, transportation and hunger. To get involved,

    What do the data say?

    Low birth weights, cancer and suicide rates are worse in parts of Key Peninsula compared to Pierce County as a whole.

    Poverty, trauma, access to food and medical services affect these health concerns.

    Health starts where we live, learn, work, play and pray.

    • What makes Key Peninsula a good place to live?
    • What would make Key Peninsula a better place to live?

    Together we can make Key Peninsula the best place to live! Email us to get involved.