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  • Healthy, Resilient Children & Youth (HRCY)

    Happy lives start with healthy kids.

    All children and youth in Pierce County deserve a great life! Healthy, resilient children and youth become healthy, resilient adults. That’s why we organized much of our work to promote healthy outcomes from pregnancy to age 19. We work to:

    Graphic: Encourage healthy behaviors. Promote good behavioral health. Prevent injuries. Support healthy families.

    Addressing the root causes of poor health.

    Social, economic and environmental conditions play a big role in your health.  Those things influence your life daily.

    That means if we want healthy children, youth and families, we must work together to create a good chance for them to thrive no matter where they live. That means we must address factors like:

    • Education.
    • Income.
    • Housing.

    When we form partnerships, collaborate with others and focus on policies that address the roots of those factors, we can begin to change some of our most significant health challenges, like:

    • Infant mortality.
    • Child dependency filings.
    • Poor mental health.
    • Trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

    Pierce County kids need each of us to work together.

    Healthy, resilient children and youth is 1 of 5 initiatives in our strategic plan. Our goal is for children and youth in Pierce County to thrive in safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments. We believe we can best make that happen if we work to:

    • Increase social norms that support positive parenting and child health.
    • Improve the physical health of Pierce County families.
    • Improve the social, economic and environmental conditions for health for Pierce County families.
    • Improve adolescent behavioral and emotional health.

    Strategies that guide this work:

    • Provide opportunities that improve social connections.
    • Develop culturally relevant programs and partnerships to eliminate chronic disease inequities.
    • Improve social connections and social vulnerability for children, youth and families.

    We can’t solve Pierce County child health challenges alone. It takes parents and caregivers. It takes schools. It takes agencies and organizations and other community partners. It even takes kids helping kids.


    Contact Program Manager Len Adams.

    Learn more about our work to keep children and youth healthy and resilient: