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  • Youth Substance Prevention

    Keep talking to your kids.

    Your words guide your kids’ healthy behaviors.

    Believe it or not, your kids listen to you! Kids say their parents are the most influential people in their lives. Other trusted adults like teachers, coaches and youth leaders help shape smart choices, too.

    It’s never too early to talk to your kids about good choices and how substances affect their health. Youth are less likely to use alcohol and drugs if they believe people around them think it’s a bad choice.

    Start talking. Keep talking. You can help your child to be healthy and safe.

    What should I say?

    Your family is unique. You know your kids best!

    Make sure to be honest, open, and speak from the heart:

    • Let them know why healthy behavior is so important.
    • Remind them you care.
    • Tell them you’re ALWAYS willing to listen.
    • Offer better choices than alcohol and drugs.
    • Give clear guidance and set boundaries.

    Working together to keep kids healthy and safe.

    Good news: You’re likely building a united front along with their friends’ parents. Nearly 90% of Pierce County parents have clear rules about alcohol, cannabis and vapor use.

    The important thing is to talk early, talk often, and keep the conversation going through the years.


    Warning: This video contains simulated drug use.

    More ways to keep your family healthy:



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