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  • Healthier Choices

    Healthier choices. Happier life.

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    Take care of your self.

    It’s the only one you get.

    Using any substance can hurt or kill you—and your chances of a bright future.

    Fentanyl has no odor or taste and may be in “fake” drugs. You could overdose or die. Only take pills a doctor prescribes for you.

    Heroin, cocaine or crack use— even once—can cause overdose. Opioids can cause long-term brain damage.

    Vaping is not safe. It contains chemicals, is addictive, and harms your lungs and brain.

    Marijuana hurts your memory, brain and performance. You can become addicted to other drugs.

    Alcohol can cause lifelong damage to your brain and leads to alcohol problems later in life.

    Smoking gives you breathing problems and can lead to lung disease and cancer.

    Connect and stay healthy.

    Friends help you get through tough times.

    When you don’t use substances, your brain and body are healthier. You can do more.

    Join a club, share a meal, or just hang out with your friends. Connecting helps you survive in tough times.

    Get involved in a cause important to you. Volunteer at a food bank, retirement center, or an animal rescue center.

    Get active! Exercise helps you manage stress and anxiety and makes you feel good.

    If a friend uses opioids, carry naloxone and know how to help. Encourage them to get professional help.

    If a friend needs help, tell them to text the Crisis Line at 741741. Always call 911 in an emergency.