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  • Youth Alcohol Prevention

    Youth and alcohol don’t mix!

    Alcohol is the most widely used substance among youth. It poses enormous health and safety risks.

    Risks and consequences of alcohol misuse

    The younger you begin using alcohol, the more you’re at risk. Young people who start drinking before age 15 are more likely to experience:

    • School absences, failing grades, poor brain development and social problems.
    • Legal trouble and alcohol-related motor-vehicle crashes.
    • Impaired judgment, poor concentration and memory problems.
    • Misuse of other substances.
    • Mood changes and stress.
    • Alcohol problems later in life.

    It’s important parents, schools and communities work together to keep youth healthy and safe for a brighter future.

    Keep talking

    Support helps.

    Kids say their parents are the most influential people in their lives.

    89% of parents in Pierce County have clear rules about alcohol and other drugs.

    Youth are less likely to use alcohol if they believe their community thinks they shouldn’t.

    What to say.

    Ask what they think.

    Debunk myths.

    Discuss reasons not to drink.

    Plan ways to handle peer pressure.

    Be prepared for questions.

    No alcohol is safe.

    Some youth start drinking early. When they drink, they binge.

    Youth have access to alcohol at parties and from their parents’ liquor cabinets.

    Drinking affects brain development.

    Store alcohol where youth can’t access it.


    Contact Cenora Akhidenor at (253) 649-1643.

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