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  • Travel Immunizations

    Traveling outside the United States? Get vaccinated.

    Vaccines protect you from diseases not often found in the United States.

    Get vaccinated 2 months before your trip.

    • Contact your healthcare provider, pharmacy, or travel clinic below.
    • Vaccines take time to fully protect you.
    • You may need multiple doses of vaccine, up to 4 weeks apart.

    We recommend getting up-to-date on all recommended vaccines, including:

    • MMR.
    • DTaP/Tdap.
    • Hepatitis A.
    • Hepatitis B.
    • Flu.
    • COVID-19.

    You may need additional vaccines prior to travel depending on where you are going, what you will be doing and your health history. Talk to your provider. 


    Travel clinics

    The Health Department does not endorse or receive support from any of these sources. Contact the provider directly for details. Insurance providers may not cover the cost of travel vaccines.

    Questions about COVID-19 or Monkeypox and travel?

    The state urges Washingtonians and people visiting Washington from outside the state to comply with the CDC’s current COVID-19 and mpox travel advisories and guidance. 

    For additional information visit our COVID-19 and mpox pages. 

    Questions about Zika virus?

    Visit our Zika page.