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  • Rabies Information for Providers

    What is rabies?

    Rabies is a viral disease of the nervous system that is nearly 100% fatal. It is spread through bites of infected animals.

    Rabies in humans is extremely rare in the United States but causes thousands of deaths each year worldwide. Most rabies deaths occur from dog bites in areas of the world where animal vaccination programs are not well developed.

    In Washington, bats are the most common mammal affected by rabies. Rabies is extremely rare in other animals in Washington. Washington State Department of Health publishes a list of bats that have tested positive for rabies in the state this year.

    Providers and veterinarians must report possible human rabies exposure immediately.

    Refer to the Washington State Guidelines for Human Rabies Prevention for more information on potential exposure.

    We are available 24 hours a day to discuss cases with providers, call (253) 649-1412.

    Encounters with bats, including bites or a bat found in a sleeping area, are considered potential rabies exposures. If available, bats should be sent for testing to the Washington State Public Health Lab. Treatment can usually be deferred until test results are available. Call (253) 798-6410 24 hours a day to arrange for testing.

    To report, visit our Report Notifiable Conditions page or call (253) 649-1412.