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  • Antibiotic Commonsense Newsletter

    Antibiotics aren’t always the answer.

    Antibiotics are a basic tool for fighting disease. Microbial resistance weakens that tool. Improper use is the main threat to antibiotic effectiveness.

    Read this newsletter for practical, evidence-based ways to promote antibiotic stewardship.

     January 2020 Clostridium difficile infection vs. colonization: Who do I test?
     August 2019 Fluoroquinolones are too risky for many infections
     May 2019 Antimicrobial susceptibility, 2017
     May 2019 Antimicrobial susceptibility, 2016
     December 2018 Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis
     December 2017 Antimicrobial stewardship toolkit
     June 2017 Molecular diagnostic technologies
     December 2016 Antimicrobial susceptibility, 2015
     March 2016 Treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria
     August 2016 Clostridium difficile and acid suppression
     September 2015 Antibiotics for diarrhea
     August 2015 Action plan to combat antibiotic resistance
     December 2014 Antimicrobial susceptibility, 2014
     October 2014 Antibiotic selection and duration 
     August 2014 When to withhold and when to stop antibiotics, part 2
     June 2014 When to withhold and when to stop antibiotics, part 1
     April 2014 Antigen testing and increased reporting of campylobacteriosis
     November 2013 Let’s talk about microbiomes 
     April 2013 Using procalcitonin to guide respiratory tract infection treatment
     January 2013 MRSA in Pierce County
     November 2012 Antimicrobial susceptibility summary, 2011
     July 2012 Clostridium difficile infection vs. colonization
     March 2012 Asymptomatic bacteriuria or urinary tract infection?
     January 2012 Treating patients and sex partners for gonorrhea and chlamydia