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  • Immunization Information for Schools and Childcare Providers

    For more general information, see our immunization page. For free immunizations for kids, see our children’s immunization page

    Immunizations keep kids healthy.

    School nurses and childcare providers can help protect students. Make strong recommendations. Send reminders. Help parents track their kids’ immunizations. These important steps increase vaccine coverage and keep kids healthy.

    Immunization requirements

    Childcare and school requirements
    School requirements for 2023–2024 school year
    School requirements for 2024–2025 school year
    For school nurses

    Individual vaccine requirements summary, Washington State Department of Health (DOH).

    Sample immunization forms (e.g., Certificate of Immunization Status, Certificate of Exemption) and additional resources, DOH.

    Immunization records

    • Help parents access Washington State’s MyIR Mobile system to get immunization records:

    Washington Immunization Information System school module

    Other resources