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  • Quit Tobacco

    What could smoke-free do for you?

    Now is the perfect time!

    You immediately improve your health the moment you stop smoking.

    Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your heart rate and blood pressure drop.

    One month later, the tiny hairs (cilia) in your lungs start to heal and help you fight infections.

    Learn more in our blog post.

    Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

    It’s never too late to quite.

    Tools and resources can help you kick the habit.

    And you’re twice as likely to stay quit when you use resources and professional support.

    See below to learn more about free and low-cost resources.

    Talk to your healthcare provider.

    Most health plans cover:

    • Counseling for 2 quit attempts per year. Can include individual, telephone or group sessions.
    • FDA-approved medications, 90-day prescription per quit attempt.

    If your health plan doesn’t cover this, contact Washington State Insurance Commissioner.

    Free and low-cost resources


    • Washington State Quitline—1 (800) QUIT-NOW. Counseling with coaches, nicotine gum and patches. Depends on health plan coverage. 
    • Asian Smokers Quitline—Free self-help materials, counseling and 2-week nicotine-patch starter kits.

    Apps and texting

    In Pierce County



    Contact Jessica Alvestad at or (253) 649-1646.

    Are you a health professional?

    Help your community overcome tobacco use.

    Become a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. Learn more in English.