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  • Information for Property Owners

    Protect our health: Clean spills win they happen

    We provide guidance, but don’t oversee meth investigation and cleanup for:

    • Routine real estate transactions.
    • Suspected meth use or smoking.
    • Voluntary investigation and cleanup at sites not under an Unfit for Use Health Order.

    We oversee meth investigation and cleanup for:

    • Sites with Unfit for Use Health Order from the Health Department.
    • Law enforcement referral of meth manufacture or storage sites.
    • Landlord referral of vacant units with evidence of meth contamination.

    Property owners are responsible for cleanup costs of a methamphetamine contaminated property.

    More than half of meth labs found are on rental properties. This may be an act of vandalism. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers cleanup costs.

    We help property owners with:

    • Technical assistance.
    • Interpretation of state and local rules and regulations.
    • Meeting public health and safety standards.

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