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  • Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)

    Starting March 1, 2023, most food establishments need at least 1 employee with a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certificate.

    The CFPM does not always need to be present. But, a copy of a valid certificate must be available during inspection. CFPMs make sure each person in charge is trained and able to control food safety in the establishment.

    You must take one of the ANSI-accredited trainings approved by the state and pass a test to become a CFPM. You can take one of the online trainings or an in-person CFPM training at the Health Department. Choose the best option for your needs.

    See frequently asked questions.

    Online ANSI-accredited trainings

    Course Options Languages
    1 AAA Food Safety Training, test, or both. English, Spanish.
    APS Culinary Dynamics (DBA: World Food Safety Organization) Training, test, or both. English.
    Certus/StateFoodSafety Training, test, or both. English, Spanish, Chinese. Training only: Vietnamese.
    Learn2Serve Training and test or just test. English, Spanish.
    My Food Service License Training, test, or both.

    English. Training only: Spanish.

    National Registry of Food Safety Professionals In-person training and exam or online exam only. In-person: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean. Online: English, Spanish.
    National Restaurant Association Solutions In-person or online training and exam. Or online test and support materials for self-study. English, Spanish, Chinese. Training only: Korean.
    Relish Works, Inc. (DBA: Trust20) Training or test. English.
    Responsible Training/Safeway Certifications Training and test or just test. English.
    The Always Food Safe Company Training, test, or both. English, Spanish.

    In-person training at the Health Department

    We offer an advanced food safety class for CFPMs.

    You will learn about food sanitation and the state food code. Complete the course and pass the test to earn:

    • A 5-year CFPM Certificate from National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.
    • An extended Washington State Food Worker Card.

    How is our CFPM class different from others?

    Our CFPM course includes food sanitation and specific training on the Washington State Food Code. After completion, you will also be eligible for our Self Inspection Program (SIP).

    Course Topics

    • Who is the Person in Charge (PIC)?
    • Demonstration of knowledge by the PIC.
    • Microbiology basics.
    • How to prevent foodborne illness.
    • Hygiene and sanitation.
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).
    • Time and temperature.
    • How to conduct inspections for SIP.
    • Benefits to food establishments.
    • Increase profits through better sanitation.
    • Motivate workers through SIP.
    • Know more about regulations.

    To get certified you must stay for a whole class and pass the test.


    Register early

    Complete the CFPM course application, available in English and Spanish. Print and sign. Submit your application and payment before the class date to save your spot. We will cancel classes if there are less than 12 people enrolled 30 days before class date.

    Submit application and payment by mail to 3629 S. D St., Tacoma, WA 98418. Enclose check or money order.


    $163 (no refunds)


    Pick up study materials 4 weeks before class.


    Contact Amanda Peters at or (253) 649-1705.

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