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  • Self Inspection Program

    Most food establishments need a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) starting March 1, 2023. To become a CFPM you must complete an in-depth class on food safety and pass a written test. Training is available online or in person.

    You are eligible to participate in the Self Inspection Program (SIP) if you have a CFPM certificate. If you:

    • Take our in-person CFPM training, we cover SIP in class.
    • Got your certificate from another ANSI-certified course, you can still participate. Call (253) 649-1706 to schedule an appointment to learn more. Appointments are offered in person or virtually. We have interpreters to help in many languages.

    Learn more about CFPM training.

    What is the Self Inspection Program (SIP)?

    We will teach you how to conduct your own food safety inspections, using the same tools our inspectors use. After training:

    • Your CFPM completes their own inspection each month. This includes observing and correcting food safety violations.
    • You send us a copy of your monthly inspections each quarter.
    • Pass all routine inspections for 1 year.
    • After 1 year of self inspections, you will get a 25% discount on your food establishment’s permit fee.

    You must have no more than 30 red points during an inspection to stay in the program.

    If you get disqualified:

    • You must repay the discount you received on the annual permit. You will get an invoice.
    • You can reapply after 6 months once you retake the class.

    How does SIP benefit my food establishment?

    • Better food safety practices.
    • Faster health inspections with fewer violations.
    • 25% discount on your permit fee.

    Want to learn more or apply to participate?

    Contact us at or (253) 649-1706.