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  • Restaurant Inspections

    What you need to know about where you get your food.

    We inspect food establishments 1 to 4 times a year based on risk. We show the past 2 years’ inspection history on this site. You can find reports online after 24 hours.

    View inspection reports.

    Inspection types

    • Routine: These are unannounced. They cover all items in the regulation.
    • Follow-up: These happen after a routine inspection that finds 35 or more critical violation points.
    • Pre-opening: Scheduled after a required closure, facility makes changes, or new permit is issued.
    • Change of ownership: These happen when a facility changes ownership.
    • Compliance: Occurs after we require changes to a facility or its processes. 

    Violation types

    Critical violations (red): These are likely to cause foodborne illness. Examples include:

    • Improper cooking of food.
    • Poor temperature control.
    • Improper handwashing by staff.
    • Bare-hand contact with food.

    Non-critical violations (blue): These could lead to critical violations if not set right. Examples include:

    • Improper cleaning of equipment and utensils.
    • Maintenance needed.