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  • Service Animals

    Animal helpers for humans.

    What is a service animal?

    Service animals are dogs or miniature horses trained to do specific work to help disabled people. Pets and comfort or companion animals that provide emotional support are not service animals.

    What do they do?

    Some of the things service animals help with:

    • Alert a person with diabetes when their blood glucose level is too high or low.
    • Remind a person with depression to take their medication.
    • Detect the onset of seizures for a person with epilepsy.

    Where are they allowed?

    Anywhere the general public can go:

    • Food establishments (including buffets).
    • Grocery stores.
    • Clothing stores.
    • Schools.
    • Sporting events.
    • Festivals or fairs.

    Some food establishments may also allow pet dogs. Check with the food establishment.