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  • Planning for Healthy Communities

      Healthy people in healthy places.

      The way we design and build our communities can affect our physical and mental health. Healthy community design integrates evidence-based health strategies into community planning, transportation and land-use decisions.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      What are healthy communities?

      Where you live and the things around you can affect your health. What improves health? 

        • Good parks.
        • Pedestrian and bike friendly streets.
        • Places to gather in the community.
        • Considering health in planning decisions.

        Why build healthy communities?

        Healthy community design can increase:

          • Physical activity.
          • Safety.
          • Access to healthy food.
          • Improve land, air, and water quality.
          • Strengthen community resilience and improve quality of life.
          • Access to livelihood, education, services, and resources.

          We ensure communities are healthy and sustainable when we:

            • Encourage land use and transportation planners to think about people’s health and the health of the environment.
            • Get affected communities to help shape the planning process.
            • Address gaps in health.
            • Reduce health risks.

            How can you get involved?

            Are you a planner, transportation, or health professional? Join our Healthy Community Planning Interest Group. We:

              • Promote learning opportunities to create healthy communities.
              • Identify best practices to reduce health disparities.
              • Provide technical assistance, resources, and community planning support.

              Contact Erin Dilworth at or (253) 722-4287 to learn more.