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  • Community Health Assessment

    You talk, we act.

    Every 5 years, we step back and ask what the most important health issues and needs are for Pierce County residents. We do this work with many other groups, organizations and agencies. We look at a wide range of data.

    And we listen. Carefully. To lots of you. And, in different ways.

    Finally, we share this information and work with our partners to address it. 

    Our plan to improve the community’s health.

    We heard from many Pierce County residents and organizations as we conducted our 2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA). You can read the Executive Summary. It’s a mix of new concerns and problems we began addressing in 2014.

    CHA Findings

    You told us the top 5 public health issues facing the county are:

    • Access to healthcare. Especially mental health and substance abuse services.
    • People are dying before their time. Premature death from injuries.
    • Access to healthy food.
    • Safe, reliable and affordable housing.
    • Ways to get around.

    Then, we worked to prioritize these issues. After a community-based process, the top priorities are: 

    • Healthy neighborhoods.
    • Healthy communities.

    Community Health Improvement Plan.

    We shared  these with residents and our community partners. 

    Toward the end of this year, we’ll develop our new Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). That plan will be the community’s guide for the next 5 years as we work to improve your health outcomes.

    Community Health Assessment Priorities

    We can’t do it alone. Please join us! Email or call Leah Ford at (253) 722-3506.